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by Christina Comben
It’s been seven days since the very first testers were given access to trade on the Digitex Futures testnet. Our dedicated Community Managers and some of Digitex’s closest supporters have been playing around with trading styles almost around the clock. We’re sending out more welcome emails and onboarding more testers...
18 Nov 2019
by Christina Comben
What a week it’s been here at Digitex as move closer to the public testnet launch. We’re excited to confirm that early testing has begun. As you read this, the Digitex Futures exchange is being put through its paces by some of the most experienced traders and influencers around. The...
15 Nov 2019
by Christina Comben
We've reached fever-pitch in the last few days, with less than three weeks to go until the public testnet launch. Sparks are practically flying off the SmartDec developers as they continue to stress test the platform. You saw for yourselves on Friday a demo of the upcoming exchange. We have...
11 Nov 2019
by Digitex News
Drum roll, please! We are delighted to unveil a video demo of the all-new Digitex trading platform, just three weeks away from our launch on testnet! You can see it all for yourself in this comprehensive walkthrough by our CEO Adam Todd.  Adam wastes no time diving straight into the...
08 Nov 2019
by Christina Comben
Russia is a country that you don’t hear a lot about beyond the occasional political feud. Yet, behind the curtain, a lot of people aren’t aware that the Russian startup scene is booming in this country. Besides government support and a growing local startup community, both Moscow and St. Petersburg...
05 Nov 2019
by Christina Comben
If you’re just starting out with cryptocurrency trading, let us give you a helping hand. Every successful trader has some go-to resources they need. These are the must-see sites and places to visit to gauge the state of the market, gain analytical insights, and find out breaking news. So, if...
03 Nov 2019