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by Adam Todd
Digitex Software Ltd has officially moved into our new office in Dublin! Development of the Digitex Futures Exchange is now in full swing with a full time staff of highly experienced developers. The team will grow to 8-10 full time developers in the coming months.
19 Mar 2018
by Adam Todd
Adam talks about the creation of Digitex Software Ltd which is developing the futures trading platform. Links: Vesting smart contract that has team’s 100m DGTX tokens: SmartDec audit of vesting smart contract: Our Ethereum wallet that is paying out all the referral payments:
02 Mar 2018
by Adam Todd
Token auction started at 9am on Feb 15th and ended at 9am on Feb 16th. 100,000,000 DGTX were sold at $0.019 per token. 3,355 buyers. Token auction smart contract address: 0x81f040Ec6A1574197Ae651025383170230f31c07 DGTX tokens being distributed to buyers:
16 Feb 2018
by Adam Todd
Token auction smart contract source code and Readme document for public review: Smart contract security audit:
15 Feb 2018
by Adam Todd
In this video I talk about why I’m such a raging bull on cryptocurrency, and how the DGTX token fits into that.
13 Feb 2018
by Adam Todd
In this video I address some of the questions being asked about the upcoming post-ICO DGTX token auction on Thursday, February 15th at 9am EST.
12 Feb 2018