Paris Gets Ready to Host Its First-Ever Blockchain Week

We’re getting excited to watch Digitex Futures CEO Adam Todd take the stage at Paris Blockchain Week Summit on Tuesday 16th April. Not only will he be speaking to Bad Crypto about the upcoming launch and what traders can expect from the platform, but he’ll also be providing valuable input on a key panel discussion about the future of brokers and exchanges. So if you’re in the French capital next week, be sure to stop by.

The Paris Blockchain Week Summit

The Paris Blockchain Week Summit is the two-day highlight of an entire week dedicated to blockchain professionals; the first of its kind in Europe. As France begins to clarify its stance on the regulation of ICOs, STOs, blockchain companies, and exchanges, it’s becoming a contender at last.

France might not have declared new laws dedicated to blockchain in the style of Malta. But it is one of the few G20 countries to have drafted a flexible policy allowing innovation to bloom. The newly passed PACTE law takes an open-minded approach to emerging technology even providing reduced taxes and optional regulation for crypto startups.

With the full support of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, as well as the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, France is placing its bets on blockchain tech for the long haul. This conference promises to kickstart some important conversations about EU regulation in general, developments in decentralized exchanges, governance, scalability, and wide-scale adoption.

Apart from a jam-packed two days of keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities, there will also be hackathons and accelerator programs taking place throughout the week at different locations in the city.

Alongside Adam will be Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman, Binance CFO Wei Zhou, and the inventor of Digital Cash David Chaum. Delegates can also hear keynotes from the likes of MyEtherWallet’s Brian Norton, Ripple’s Global Head of Banking Marjan Delatinne, and IOTA’s co-founder Dominik Schiener.

The Bad Crypto Stage

Slated as one of the highlights of the event, Digitex advisors, the Bad Crypto duo Travis Wright, and Joel Comm will be holding interviews throughout the summit on the Bad Crypto Stage. Adam’s slot is at 5 PM on 16th April, so if you want to hear from our charismatic CEO, come on down! But if you can’t make it to the event, don’t worry. You can still hear the recording later on the world’s number one crypto podcast that’s already had well over 7 million downloads!

The timing of the event couldn’t be better. With just two weeks to go until launch and a massive 1.4 million people on our waitlist, the excitement is building! Plenty of people are keeping a close eye on Digitex and will be anxious to see how fee-free one-click trading looks.

Many of the conference delegates, investors, developers, and industry movers and shakers will also be looking forward to hearing more from the Digitex founder and his plans to become a leading exchange.

Exchanges & Brokers on the French Tech Stage AMA Panel

Before his interview with Bad Crypto, Adam will be providing his thoughts and insights to a panel discussion about exchanges and brokers. This will be held on the French Tech Stage at 1:20 PM, 16th April.

With the co-founders of SeedCX and Woorton both keenly targeting institutional investors, it will be interesting to see the different perspective that Adam brings on why retail investors matter as well.

Final Thoughts

The Paris Blockchain Week promises to be an interesting and enriching event as Europe begins to open its doors to the game-changing technology at last. Whether you’re a trader, investor, HODLer, entrepreneur, CEO, or VC, the fact that these important conversations are taking place all over the globe is a sign that mass adoption is getting closer.

At Digitex, as always, we welcome any positive moves from regulators, institutions, and governing entities in this space. It means that we’re slowly making progress and cryptocurrencies are here to stay!

Got questions about the Paris Blockchain Week Summit? You can check out their Telegram group or join in the conversation on ours. And if you want to stock up on DGTX, you can buy directly from our Treasury here.