Q&A with Our Community Managers Sona and Dmitrij — Digitex Spotlight

Author: Christina Comben Date: 13 Nov 2018

The Malta Blockchain Summit wasn’t just a chance to unveil our live demo, meet enthusiastic delegates and some of Digitex’ most prominent community members. It was also the perfect place for the team to get to know each other better.

When you spend pretty much three days of around-the-clock action with your colleagues, setting up the stand, talking about the project, the technology, and a few other things besides, it really helps with bonding!

So, from the Blockchain Island not only did we take away fond memories and stacks of Digitex pens (!), but we also got to find out more about each other’s roles and how important each one is to the team as a whole.

I knew, for example, that our Telegram community has over 50,000 members, but I was interested to find out how the Community Management team responds to so many people--and how they manage to do it constantly with a smile on their faces.

Gary wasn’t able to join us all the way from sunny Australia, but check out this enlightening Q&A with Sona and Dmitrij, the guys who bring the Digitex community to life!

CC: Can you tell us a little about yourselves? What are your backgrounds? How did you get into Community Management and what attracts you most to crypto?

SG: I graduated in accounting and I was working as an accountant when a friend of mine told me “you have to buy crypto!” That was in early 2017 so that’s when I started buying and selling crypto. I bought Ethereum pretty low and managed to sell it when it was pretty high, which was great [laughs].

Then it was in January I came across Digitex on a forum pre-ICO. I went into the Telegram group and I don’t think I had even read the whitepaper but there were people asking basic questions that I just ended up answering. And then Adam [Digitex CEO] contacted me and asked if I wanted to start working for Digitex to man the chat.

CC: Very cool! So, you were answering questions before you even worked at Digitex?

SG: Yeah, and the thing is, I was going to buy in the ICO anyway so it was a win-win for me. I could educate people about Digitex and also get Digitex. There was no need for me to buy in the ICO, but I still bought in the ICO although I didn’t have to buy as much.

CC: How about you Dmitrij? What’s your story?

DS: The past couple of years I was playing poker online for a living and I was playing a lot with the BetTrader software that Adam actually made. I received an email from them saying that Digitex was coming, so I sent a message to Adam saying “I can speak English, Russian, and Polish, and so if you need support in the future just let me know.” After two days they emailed me back, I was really lucky basically. It was good timing.

CC: Awesome! So what are the main functions of your jobs at Digitex?

DS: Well, helping people with their questions, about Digitex, about crypto in general, about wallets and stuff, mostly from Telegram. That’s what I like about it. It’s fun, I like to help people. I’m enjoying it.

SG: Yeah, answering questions, providing support, so if people hear about our project and they want to ask questions, they come into the Telegram group and ask whatever they want to know. They can ask us anything and we answer it to the best of our ability.

Around 99.9% of the inquiries, we can answer. If there’s something that we can’t answer we'll ask Lee [Head of Operations] and get back to them. So it’s customer support basically.

I keep an eye on Reddit but it’s mainly all Telegram. I move content to Reddit and there's a forum called bitcointalk forum which is quite big in crypto so I post updates there as well. Helping people is the best part of our jobs for sure.

CC: What’s the most challenging part of your job?

DS: Well, the most challenging part is dealing with some unhappy members, FUD, you know people who have bad feedback. We deal with everything in a good manner. When there is no chance, we have to ban those people because they are not good for the community. We try to keep the community friendly without any bulls**t. It’s important for everyone as we drive the project forward.

SG: Well, the thing with crypto is that people come in and no matter what project you are they think you’re a scam. It’s understandable, it’s a new industry. Something like 80-90% of ICOs are scams, so people come in saying “you're a scam prove me wrong.” But that’s actually a good thing because now we’ve got the demo we can actually show people and say “this is what we're doing, this is what we’ve been building,” and we get to prove them wrong.

CC: Do you have to incentivize people to participate in the chat or are people proactive?

DS: No, we just let them talk. The chat just never stops, the chat is really active, its people are really active and we have a lot of supportive members.

SG: The community is now so large that people interact with each other and answer questions among themselves, which is good. It’s good for the community as it benefits them to preach the advantages of Digitex and how it can benefit traders. If Digitex does well, we all do well. The demand is going to go up and as the demand goes up the price will go up. We don’t need to incentivize them now.

CC And it’s grown massively right? How much has it grown by?

DS: Well, I think at our ICO it was around a maximum of 20K and now we're more than 50K on our chat, so it’s really busy. On the ICO I think I was working, 10, 12, even 16 hours a day. We were very busy and now there are three of us, we are covering it eight hours each so it’s covered around the clock 24/7.

SG: Yeah during ICO time it was crazy, I think we worked like 12-13 hours in a row, waking up, doing it, going to sleep, waking up. It’s a full-time job.

CC: Do you find yourself dreaming about work sometimes?

SG: Yeah [laughs] yeah I just dream about Digitex blowing up every night and becoming the biggest futures exchange! Sometimes I have nightmares of airdrop questions, but you know, it is what it is.

CC: What are some of the most common themes that come up? Do you find the topics of conversation change or the same themes keep coming up?

DS: Well, the most popular topic is definitely the price. For many people, the price is the most important thing, so that’s the most discussable topic.

SG: Yeah, I would have to say the price. And also, a lot of our holders know the benefits of futures trading but they’re not futures traders, so a lot of them don’t know exactly how to do it. So, first of all, they think we’re another exchange, but we’re a futures exchange and there’s only really one or two. So they want to know about that. Other than that it’s just like “when airdrop? When Lambo? When free tokens?”

CC: What’s one of the most interesting questions you’ve had lately?

DS: Where are my fu**ing tokens? [Laughs] No, seriously, one guy said just yesterday, “Why are you bugging BitMEX?”

CC: How did you reply to that?

DS: Because we’re going to kill them of course! [Laughs] We’ve got zero fees, trading futures, it’s just a killer.

CC: And how’s the conference going? Are you guys enjoying being here?

DS: Really nice actually, a bit stressful, a lot of people, but otherwise it’s great, I like it.

SG: It’s really good, when I got here I was a bit nervous, but everyone here is like-minded and receptive. They love crypto otherwise they wouldn't be here and so it’s easy to interact with them because we’re on the same page, we think crypto is going to do well and is the future.

Thank you, Sona, I couldn’t have put that better myself! And thank you both so much for the interesting interview. Oftentimes, especially on chat-style social media, people forget that they’re speaking to real people and not just bots. That there are faces behind the names and hardworking individuals invested in the project. If crypto is the future, Digitex is the future of futures trading.

So if you haven’t gotten on our Early Access Waitlist yet or joined our Telegram group, do it today--the ship is about to take off!