Ready to Unleash Digitex Futures — Public Testnet Launch


It’s official - Digitex will soon be ready to launch! SmartDec have confirmed that we can expect to see the world’s first zero-commission futures trading platform live on the Ethereum public testnet from 30th November. Here, our CEO Adam Todd confirms the launch date and talks about what we can expect in the lead up to the big day, and beyond. 

Adam doesn’t waste any time in confirming the news everyone’s been waiting for - Digitex is set to launch to the public on 30th November! He goes on to explain that the public launch will be on the testnet in the first instance, which means we won’t be using real DGTX tokens. Furthermore, that trading will be on just one market, for BTCUSD perpetual swaps.

After the launch, Adam explains that we intend to continue development, then moving onto the main net, and starting to add more features and markets.

However, from November 30th, we will have a real product that’s available to the public and that people can start using. He acknowledges how important this is, given the delays to development we’ve experienced in the past and the doubts these challenges have created for many people.

The SmartDec Effect

Adam is clear that the difference this time around is the team, expressing his respect and gratitude to developers, “the mighty SmartDec.”

He goes on to applaud their work in transforming the codebase they inherited into a working product, admitting:

“We grossly underestimated the complexity and the magnitude of building the world’s first zero-fee futures market with its own native cryptocurrency.”

Adam confirms that SmartDec will continue to issue their bi-weekly reports after the launch and well into the future. He also explained that it’s likely we’ll continue developing the Digitex platform with new features and functionality over the next two to three years.

He went on to clarify that now, Digitex has everything in place to enable a successful launch. We have a date and developer team to make it happen, we’ve got the funding we need to see us through, and we have a viral marketing campaign planned out to draw in traders.

The Future is Bright!

Adam explains that the futures engine will be capable of processing up to 50,000 transactions per second and provides some insights into the extensive testing work involved in bringing this to life. For the first time, we even have an entire team dedicated to doing testing and nothing else.

He also tells of how the entire company is now working together in a much more coherent and robust way, stating:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We went through some problems, but we came out of them better and faster and stronger.”

By the end of the video, Adam’s enthusiasm is bubbling over as he says how happy he is to be in the position of finally confirming that his vision will be brought to life. He promises more updates to come soon and sends his thanks to Digitex’s awesome community of loyal supporters!

Thanks Adam, for sharing more about the launch date!

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