SmartDec’s 4th Development Report Is Here - Check It Out

Author: Christina Comben Date: 26 Jul 2019

It’s been non-stop work on Digitex development for the SmartDec team over the last two weeks since their previous report. With both Adam and Lidia in the office alongside the 13-strong team developing our exchange, the pressure is mounting--and the sparks are flying! At long last, the Digitex Futures exchange is inching closer to launch. Check out the work below.

Digitex Development Charging Ahead

Over the last two weeks, huge progress has been made as far as Digitex development is concerned. The core areas of focus for the team have been hammering out the technical specifications for the back office, developing the infrastructure for the futures engine, and finalizing the tech specs for it. Let’s break down each area in detail below.

The Back Office

It’s essential that the back office is robust and that everything works seamlessly under the hood. The back office is essential for monitoring the exchange and also for monitoring our traders. 

That means that we need an integrated help desk and user-friendly support system in the form of client tickets, such as Zendesk, to ensure that all your questions, issues, and doubts are answered as speedily as possible.

The Back Test Environment

To put all their hard development work to the test, SmartDec’s team decided to develop trading bots to simulate traders. Trading bots will be based on three different strategies to simulate different styles of trading. By the next report, the team aims to finalize the backtest environment.

Before we can launch the beta version of the platform, it will go through extensive bot testing gathering historical data and trying out all possible scenarios.

To test the futures engine, the SmartDec’s team has developed three special libraries in three different programming languages. Furthermore, SmartDec’s team measured message queues. For more details on the programming languages used and the libraries the team decided to build, check out the technical report on the SmartDec blog here.

The Futures Engine

With all the specs now finalized, SmartDec is now developing the futures engine. All necessary math and tech specs have been completed and the work already assigned to individual developers.

The Takeaway

The most important part of the project is the beginning stage of analyzing and laying out all the specifications, as well as figuring out what needs to be improved on from the previous team.

No dates just yet, however, SmartDec’s lead developer Alexander Chernov is optimistic that the development is coming along really well! This may be a hint that they'll be ready to release a launch date soon. Stay tuned!