The Digitex Demo Video Has Landed!


Drum roll, please! We are delighted to unveil a video demo of the all-new Digitex trading platform, just three weeks away from our launch on testnet! You can see it all for yourself in this comprehensive walkthrough by our CEO Adam Todd. 

Adam wastes no time diving straight into the demo. We’re working with BTCUSD perpetual futures, which is the first market we’re launching with on the testnet at the end of this month. The ladder interface is updating in real time based on the trading activity of the automated bots we have running on the testnet. 

You can see that we’re still very much finalizing the finer details of the interface. Adam highlights that he’s in the process of testing the position of the spot price on the screen, as we want it to be as close to the ladder as possible. Currently, the spot price moves up and down the screen with the ladder price, meaning your eyes don’t have to keep sweeping the screen to have a full overview of the market movements. 

As Adam explains it, the user experience is as much about what you’re not doing as what you are doing. There are no keyboard strokes, minimal mouse movements, and orders can be made or canceled with a single click of the mouse. 

Single-Click Trade Submission

Next, we get into the trading action! Adam demonstrates with a few swift mouse clicks how easy it is to place buy or sell orders, following the price movements up and down the ladder. The ladder is programmed to auto-center depending on the position of your mouse on the screen. When you’re hovering over the ladder itself, auto-centering is disabled to allow you to navigate up or down. If your mouse is elsewhere on the screen, the ladder will center itself automatically to the current price. 

Elsewhere, the screen layout contains all the information you need to keep trading all day. The order book is displayed right next to the ladder, showing all the most recent trade values and quantities. Your total order and position margin are at the top of the screen. The contract and tick value are at the bottom. 

We’ve made a conscious decision to change the tick value from 1 DGTX to 0.1 DGTX. The reason for this is that we fully expect the price of DGTX to increase over the coming weeks and months as we move towards a main net launch. Therefore, by keeping the tick value small, we’ll keep Digitex open to smaller traders, which aligns with our ethos of making trading accessible to everyone. 

A Suite of Social Features

When you’re not using Digitex for live trading, then you’ll be able to interact with other traders via the Digitex community features! It’s accessible on a separate tab and has a familiar, Facebook-like interface. You can follow other traders, post updates, photos, and videos to your news feed, engage in live chats, and even share content to other social platforms. 

That’s not all. There are a ton of community features to help stimulate social trading. Anyone will be able to set up groups or events and have live discussions of up to 50 people via video or audio chat. There will also be an open blog so that anyone can post content - perhaps trading strategies or technical analysis - anything that’s helpful to other traders. 

The social features won’t be ready by the testnet launch. But we wanted to give you a heads up of the kind of work we’re doing to make Digitex as interactive and community-driven as possible. 

On the back end of the exchange, there’s all the kind of info you’d expect to see, such as your account details and settings, the referral program, KYC data, and more. 

Because we are still very much in test mode in advance of the beta launch, you can see there are still a few bugs and final development steps we’re working through! Of course, we aim to get everything as tight as possible before we launch on November 30. But as it is a beta launch, we’re relying on our army of testers to weed out every last bug, so when we open on the main net, Digitex will be the slickest trading experience on the market. 

Join us for an AMA! 

Of course, we know you’re probably going to have a list of questions at the ready! So, Adam will be available for whatever you want to ask at one of his customary AMAs. This time, he’ll be joined by Alexander Chernov, who is the lead developer at SmartDec working on the Digitex platform. As always, it will be live on our YouTube channel, so make sure you can join us on Tuesday, November 12, at 1600 UTC. 

Until then, we hope you’ve enjoyed the first full preview of our brand-new exchange in all its glory! The zero-fee trading revolution has never been closer. Thanks for sticking with us!