The Digitex Early Access Waitlist Closes on New Year’s Eve


All good things must come to an end, and that includes the closure of our Early Access Waitlist on December 31. So, if you haven’t signed up yet or still have some friends to refer, be sure to do so by then by clicking here.

And don’t be sad! Closure is a good thing as it means that we can announce the winners and open up the Beta platform to the first 5,000!

Announcing the Winners

As all of you signed up to the waitlist already knew by now, the first 5,000 names on the list will be invited to create an account in the Digitex Futures Beta exchange. They will also be airdropped 1,000 DGTX to play with and start placing their trades!

But, what you may not have been aware of is the fact that we have an extra special prize for the top 10 winners. It’s the season of giving, after all. So, we’ll be rewarding those highest up on the list with 100,000 DGTX each.

You read that right! A whole 100K sent to the winning wallets. If you want to be in with a chance of being among the top 10, there’s still time until the end of December. You know the deal--keep referring friends to sign up, spread the word about Digitex and be in with a chance of winning 100K DGTX!

How it Will Work

As there are so many of you to go through(!), we want to make double sure there are no fraudulent emails. So we’ll be extensively checking and verifying the winners. As soon as our waitlist closes, the top 10 will be announced.

The top 10 people highest on our waitlist will each receive 100,000 DGTX. However, to avoid undue selling pressure on the exchange, we will pay out one winner per day over the course of 10 days, starting with the top winner first!

That means we’ll be transferring 100K DGTX into each of the top 10’s wallets over the course of 10 days! And just in case you think that sounds too good to be true, yes--we will be sharing the etherscans for confirmation!

Commission-Free Trading Starts

The Beta version’s official launch date is January 15. This will give us a chance not only to pay the top 10 winners 1 million DGTX in total, but we’ll also be able to verify the emails of the other lucky 4,990 traders who will each receive 1,000 DGTX!

At the same time, we'll be launching the closed Beta version to a group of 50 friendly users who will sign NDA’s for initial testing during the first two weeks of January--ahead of the official Beta launch. These will be experienced traders with plenty of knowledge of both futures trading and cryptocurrency, hand-selected by the Digitex team to put the exchange through its paces and provide us with their valuable feedback.

The top 5,000 names on the waitlist will be receiving their invites to create an account on the platform over two weeks starting January 15. When they log in, they’ll have 1,000 DGTX in their account from the airdrop--and they can begin live trading!

There’s another reason we picked January 15 as well. It marks exactly one year after our ICO! January is turning out to be our favorite month of the year and we just can’t wait to share the Beta launch with you.

We’re excited about the journey ahead for 2019 and looking forward to traveling new paths with all of you. Once again, thank you so much for your continued support. Now buckle up, because this spacecraft is about to take off!