The Digitex Futures Early Access Waitlist Hits 500K

Author: Christina Comben Date: 14 Nov 2018

Get your dancing shoes on and crack open the champagne! The Digitex Futures Early Access Waitlist just hit 500K--and we’re a little bit excited. With just a few weeks left until the Beta launch of the first-ever commission-free futures exchange, a dizzying half a million people have already joined us in the countdown.

Knocking It Out of the Park with Viral Marketing

Recent temporary price dip aside (remember people, this is crypto and you can’t be considered a major coin until you’ve suffered a drop in price), Digitex Futures has had a mindblowing year against all the odds in a relentless bear market.

While all crypto charts are in the red, our native token DGTX has been consistently one of the best-performing altcoins--regularly outperforming the major players and experiencing a mindblowing 2,800% increase in Q3--before our product has even come to market. There’s no doubt about it, DGTX and the robust and mold-breaking exchange behind it have been turning heads. Why?

In part, when you have a great product, it sells itself. We already knew after our ICO sold out in just 17 minutes that we had unprecedented demand for commission-free trading. Because it really is a market first. Couple that with the fact that we don’t hold account balances and our one-click ladder trading interface is shaping up to be the most sophisticated--yet simple--in the market, and it’s understandable we’re causing a stir.

People are automatically interested--and curious--over zero commission fees. That was, without doubt, the most frequently asked question at our stand in Malta. They logically want to know how we make that happen and our inflationary model and DGTX tokenomics (which you can read more about here) made a lot of sense to them.

Of course, having a great product without the marketing is no meal ticket to success either. Even with all the bells and whistles and additional features that allow for scalping and scratching and trading with leverage, it would be worthless if no one found out about it.

So despite the superior technology stack we know we have, we had to find a way to reach the masses. And we’ve used some innovative tactics to attract more and more traffic to our site. In fact, this year alone our site has drawn in 1,192,140 new visitors--(and counting!) and piqued the interest of over 500K of them--enough to sign up for commission-free trading. 

Refer a Friend and Reach the First 5,000

We didn’t just create a “sign up here and let us spam you with company news,” type of a list. The Digitex Early Access Waitlist actively allows users to bump themselves up to the front of the queue. How? By referring friends to sign up as well.

The more you refer, the higher up the list you go, which means that you could reach the top 5,000 traders who will enjoy commission-free trading in the Beta version in a few short weeks. So, sign up now and bring a friend (or two, or three). It’s a win-win all around for everyone!

1,000 DGTX Airdrop

And that’s not all. We’ll also be airdropping 1,000 DGTX to the first 5,000 on the list and giving them free money to play with trading on our exchange. This will this create the perfect testing environment for our developers to ensure that our platform is as user-friendly as possible and feature-packed to meet the expectations of our traders.

It also allows us to bring to you commission-free trading faster. And judging by the 500K+ we have enlisted for it, you guys are having as hard a time waiting as we are!

High Liquidity for Trading

Without liquidity exchanges simply can’t function. Conversely, when demand is high, cryptocurrency exchanges can experience unprecedented growth. Binance (who also has its own token but doesn’t offer commission-free trading or futures trading), went from 2 million users this January to over 10 million users six months later--and is set to make a profit of $1 billion this year!

This is just one example of what a highly liquid exchange can achieve. With half a million users signed up already and still some weeks to go, the Digitex Early Access Waitlist could easily reach 1 million people by the time we launch! This will give us tremendous liquidity and allow us to establish an instant network effect.

Genuine Organic Traffic and Real Interest

As Community Manager Sona said in his interview, one of the biggest problems we deal with is that people often think we’re a scam. That’s normal, especially after so many highly publicized exit scams, ripoffs, Ponzi schemes, and more. It’s logical that investors are more cautious and it's commendable that they carry out their own due diligence. But, it does also mean that when you’re doing something right people will still question you on it.

We launched our Digitex Early Access Waitlist in the first week of August--and we have had a consistent spike in traffic from that point onwards! We have 1,192,140 new users froJanuary up until now, but the key takeaway for anyone still skeptical is that since we launched our campaign, our website traffic has gone bananas! We went from under 1,000 hits a day to a consistent daily average of 20,000 unique visitors! That’s a lot of site traffic. 

So come on people, throw the FUD out of the window. It’s time to get excited about crypto again because Digitex Futures is so close to launch now and 2019 is going to be our best year yet!