The Digitex Futures Exchange — Live Demo

Author: digitexfutures Date: 03 Nov 2018

Check out the replay from the Malta Blockchain Summit with Adam Todd presenting the first ever Digitex Futures Exchange. With another two months left until we launch the Beta platform, Adam showcases how far along the development team has come with the platform. "There's only a few kinks, but the exchange is working beautifully!" — Adam goes on to explain all the features of the exchange as he trades live in action.

Stay tuned! This week we'll be sharing details about everything that happened at the Blockchain Summit! The feedback, the people we met, new opportunities, team members etc... Did we mention, our booth was the star of the show? The blockchain community couldn't get enough, and this is only the beginning!

And of course, everyone is now wondering what's next? Hang tight! The best is yet to come and our innovation will prevail — Soon you will all be able to trade without having to pay transaction fees and withdraw your profits at anytime within 10 seconds, thanks to smart contracts! Digitex Futures brings something entirely unique and desperately needed for the Bitcoin futures market.

Enjoy the demo! Beta announcement date will be coming soon. Cheers!