The Digitex Social Community Is Growing Globally


If you’ve been following our blog and updates, you’ll know that Digitex has been busy behind the scenes! SmartDec is on the case working to bring you the game-changing, robust and rapid-fire futures exchange you deserve. Our marketing efforts have been ramping up as we work to build the Digitex brand globally, and Adam has been hashing out every last detail preparing for launch with the team in Moscow. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the Digitex social community is growing globally as well.

The Digitex Social Community Telegram Groups

With over 1.5 million on our waitlist ready for the launch, the Digitex Futures Telegram group is unsurprisingly one of the biggest in the crypto space. At its peak, our community was consistently the busiest and most engaged in the industry creating a buzz over commission-free trading!

Some of that excitement has understandably dropped off as we were forced to postpone the launch. However, we still have over 50k members going strong and a team of admins manning the chat 24/7 to answer questions, clear up doubts, and engage with our supporters. We also have thousands more people signed up to our English Telegram News channel which posts announcements and updates.

In June, considering our new location and the importance of the Russian market for Digitex, we launched our official Russian Telegram group as well. And now, we’re happy to let you know that if English isn’t your first language and you’d like to join in the conversation in your mother tongue, we now have even more options available to you.

More Official Global Telegram Groups Launched Today

If you’re a Spanish speaker, you’ll be happy to hear that you can now express your comments, questions, and concerns in Spanish through our new Telegram chat here. If you’re in the Malaysian region and want to find out more about the project, you can sign up to our Malaysian Telegram group here. 

We are also rolling out the Digitex social community to Vietnamese, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, and Japanese speakers as well. Since it takes a while to form a community, these groups will be starting small at first. Unlike our massive English-speaking community, the chats won’t be manned by admins 24 hours a day just yet--but we’re willing to bet that they will be very soon!

What Our Community Members Talk About

Our new official groups are managed by volunteers and provide a place where people who speak other languages than English as their first language can discuss any aspects of the Digitex Futures exchange and DGTX token freely.

We do have a few rules in place. These are not groups for talking about trading, so if you’re interested in joining a trading chat, it’s best to look elsewhere. Also, please remember that the discussion communities are moderated by volunteers giving their time freely. Please have respect for these people. All scammers and fake accounts will be removed immediately.

Wrapping It Up

We understand the importance of communicating with our community members in their local languages. That’s why we’re also busy translating our website, creating more foreign-language content, and developing the exchange to be user-friendly to everyone regardless of their location. 

Thank you for being a valued part of the Digitex community. Let us know through our English Telegram chat if there’s a language you’d like to see an official Digitex Telegram group in and we’ll do our best to create one. To the moon!