Top 5 Podcasts to Learn More About Cryptocurrency

Many people coming into the cryptocurrency space are anxious to learn more. Even those who’ve fallen down the rabbit hole long ago find it’s a continuous learning process. Luckily, much has changed from back in the day when resources and information about cryptos were hard to come by. Today, there are plenty of excellent blogs, platforms, and podcasts to help you learn more. Here’s our pick of the top five.

1. The Bitcoin Podcast

bitcoin podcast

With more than 240 episodes already, The Bitcoin Podcast is one of the most established and original podcasts out there. Listeners can subscribe through iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and RSS. You can expect to hear in-depth interviews with leading blockchain CEOs, educational episodes from developers, analyses on all the top coins, and a lot more besides.

Just taking a quick look at the number of daily downloads will give you an idea of how popular this show and its hosts are!

bitcoin podcast daily downloads

The Bitcoin Podcast team is made up of an incredibly smart bunch of people, including doctors, mathematicians, and consultants. And one of their next episodes will be dedicated to Digitex’s own CEO Adam Todd and commission-free trading!

2. Bad Crypto

bad crypto

The Bad Crypto Podcast is hosted by Digitex advisors Travis Wright and Joel Comm. Unlike other educational material out there, this comic duo brings news and information in a lighthearted and easy-to-digest kind of a way.

In fact, they readily admit to being fairly new to the crypto industry and wanting to learn more about it. Some of the episodes on here are classic gold, especially their interviews with Roger Ver, John McAfee, and Digitex’s Adam Todd.

Bad Crypto regularly appears on the top crypto podcast lists and is widely regarded as one of the best sources of information out there, particularly for newcomers. Listeners have plenty of options and can subscribe through iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher.

3. ReadySetCrypto


If you picked up from our interview with ReadySetCrypto’s Doc, the focus here is more on education and less on entertainment, (although they manage to weave in the right balance of both).

Alongside the popular podcast with almost 100K subscribers, ReadySetCrypto also provides cryptocurrency education in the form of free guides and courses, premium courses, and in-depth ICO analyses.

Viewers can watch and listen to the podcast through their YouTube channel. The focus is on learning, so you should be able to take away trading strategies and advice, tips and tricks, and strengthen your understanding of cryptocurrency. And for those who want to learn more about futures trading. Doc’s Futures Trading Masterclass will be out soon.

4. What Bitcoin Did

what bitcoin did

Hosted by one of Crypto’s most genuine characters Peter McCormack, What Bitcoin Did is a great resource if you want to learn more about certain characteristics of cryptos and blockchains. For example, there are episodes on the principles of cryptography, and an in-depth look at Ethereum from a developer point of view.

You can subscribe to the newsletter to get updates on new episodes and the podcast is completely free–although donations are accepted.

McCormack has one of the most interesting stories of anyone in Crypto. Having thrown in his job and become a crypto millionaire pretty much overnight, he tells the story of how he turned a $32K investment into $1.2 million and back to “pretty much zero” through this incredible Twitter thread:

Despite losing almost all his fortune, he still remains active in furthering other people’s education in crypto–and adverting them to the dangers of getting over-confident.

5. Keith [not hosting a podcast] Wareing

Keith Wareing

Keith Wareing is a one-man-crypto-brand. A larger than life character with a mouth like a sewer, he’s not the type of person to mince his words. If you’re put off by a little swearing or hardcore opinions, this may not be the crypto-influencer for you to follow. He doesn’t host a podcast, but we just had to mention his YouTube channel because he’s a whole crypto-industry unto himself.

If you’re sick of blockchain companies shilling their tokens, and would prefer a man who calls it like he sees it, this is your guy.

As controversial as they come, Keith almost always sees what the shills in the industry are spouting. Just look at his last video where he calls the BitTorrent BTT ICO a pump and dump scam… he predicted the ICO would be suspiciously impossible to participate in, that it would moon soon after, and that the profits would centre around Binance’s token. And all he said came true. It sold out in 15 minutes, BNB’s price rocked before then fell after the sale, and BTT’s price rose to 870% its launch price… Hm…

It’s not only worth listening to Keith for sheer entertainment value; he’s also got a ton of serious educational material available at his website. And if you don’t like it, well, no worries, he’d probably just tell you to f*** off and go elsewhere!

Wrapping It Up

There are now hundreds of excellent podcasts and other material out there. Just like trading tools, which ones you like will depend on the type of person you are, your level of experience, and what you’re looking for.

If you want to hear from industry leaders and movers and shakers, Bad Crypto is a good place to start. If you’re after hard opinions and a laugh at some of the worst the crypto world has to offer, check in on Keith. And if you want to learn more about trading and cryptocurrency in general, ReadySet Crypto is a great bet. Whoever you listen to, you’ll find out more than you knew before about this fascinating space. Enjoy the ride!