Top 7 Blockchain Projects Set to Take Off in 2019


While the crypto bear market seems to drag on forever, here at Digitex, we’re looking forward to a stellar year ahead. We have plenty of impressive project milestones coming up in 2019, as well as living up to the goal of being bigger than Bitmex. And we’re in good company, too. Prices may be down but innovation keeps its pace. So, let’s check out some of the top blockchain projects we believe will take off in 2019.

1. Digitex Futures

Of course, we’re biased, but with the public launch coming up in quarter two, spot trading, additional futures markets, and decentralized account balances, Digitex is set to explode this year!

We now have over 850K eager traders on our waitlist, with even more expected to join before we launch. Although it shouldn’t be surprising, (who doesn’t want commission-free trading, right?) we’re thrilled to have such a high level of interest in the exchange.

And the launch is only one of our milestones coming up this year. We’re also working hard to ensure we can implement decentralized account balances through the Plasma protocol.

This cutting-edge side chain technology will allow our users to benefit from non-custodial, decentralized storage of their funds on the blockchain, whilst still enjoying ultra-fast real-time order matching. The successful implementation of Plasma means we will achieve our target of becoming a hybrid exchange by Q3.

There’s also plenty more coming up for Digitex in 2019, so check out our roadmap for all the details of what we have planned for each quarter.

2. Polymath

Whereas 2017 and 2018 saw an unprecedented number of ICOs, the regulators have now started to step into token sales with the US SEC declaring that ICOs will be treated as securities offerings.

For that reason, those in the know are predicting that 2019 will be the year of the Security Token Offering (STO). For this reason, the first on our list of projects to watch in 2019 is Polymath.

Polymath is touted as the Ethereum equivalent for securities tokens, offering its ST-20 standard token as the ERC-20 equivalent for launching a security token. This includes KYC/AML checks and the ability to restrict transfers depending on jurisdiction.

Polymath and Digitex share the enviable position of having some of the largest and most active groups on Telegram, with more than 90,000 members between us and still growing. If the forecasts are correct, Polymath is set to go big this year.

3. Aelf

Aelf has developed an “operating system for blockchain,” which the project compares to what Linux did for computing. The aelf main chain provides a backbone which can interact with different side chains, which can also interact with one another and, perhaps most crucially, interact with other blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Using an aelf side chain, any developer can create a customized blockchain designed for a specific purpose. In this way, the project aims to overcome the performance issues faced by other blockchains at the same time as creating a fully interoperable ecosystem.

Like Digitex, aelf aims to become fully decentralized so that token holders will ultimately decide on the future developments of the project. The mainnet is set to launch in the first quarter of this year, making aelf a project worth watching.

4. Beam

One feature of public blockchains is that they are… well, public. This means that the developer community is always hard at work trying to find new and innovative ways to secure privacy and has led to an array of privacy coins which offer varying degrees of anonymity. While Monero is currently among the best known, that could soon change now that Beam has launched its mainnet.

Post-launch, the project is intending to release enhanced functionality including atomic swaps with Bitcoin, hardware wallet integration as well as mobile wallets on iOS and Android. Privacy enthusiasts have much to get excited about.

Beam is the first coin to use the privacy-focused Mimblewimble protocol, first proposed in 2016 to wide acclaim from the community. Since Digitex is also pioneering a new protocol in the form of plasma, we admire Beam for its pioneering spirit.

5. Endor

Not the planet from Return of the Jedi. Endor is a decentralized predictions platform based on data submitted by real users, then encrypted as part of the protocol. The project uses advanced machine learning called “social physics” to crunch data from around the web, turning it into crowdsourced wisdom for forecasting future events.

Endor has already launched to companies, counting Coca-Cola and Mastercard among its clients. During this year, the prediction tool will also launch to individuals, alongside functionality for anyone to create customized, on-demand requests on a self-service basis.

Endor predictions could prove to be very useful for traders, particularly so in futures markets. We can finally get rid of that Magic 8 Ball once and for all!

6. Grid+

Grid+ is a ConsenSys-backed grid-based solution for energy inefficiency. Grid+ uses ERC-20 tokens which function as tradable energy credits. With the principles of supply and demand, users can buy and sell energy at the times when the price is most optimal for them in their location. It uses IoT integration to ensure that energy usage is optimized.

Grid+ has an exciting year coming up in 2019 with the launch of its Lattice1 hardware product. The device acts as a crypto cold-storage wallet and smart home hub all in one.

You may soon be authorizing all your home service provider payments using one of these, so make sure you keep an eye on Grid+ this year.

7. SingularityNET

If the speed at which AI robots are gaining momentum is something that keeps you awake at night, then prepare to never sleep again. SingularityNET is a decentralized AI platform, conceived by Ben Goertzel. Goertzel is the developer responsible for the Sophia robot, which makes him a rockstar in the world of AI. Both Sophia and Ben spoke at the Malta Blockchain Summit in 2018 as speakers, alongside Digitex’s very own Adam Todd.

A decentralized AI platform basically means that the algorithms and intelligence acquired by the AI robots on the network will be shared with one another. A kind of AI robot hive brain, which is continually learning and improving. SingularityNET is on track for a beta launch this year, so fair warning — Skynet may well wake up soon after.

2019 - The Year Blockchain Projects Take Off

These are just a select few of the projects in development for 2019, demonstrating that blockchain and crypto still have plenty to offer beyond the price of ETH. Here at Digitex, we will be working hard to deliver everything on our agenda, and we’re keeping an eye on the latest developments from these other fascinating projects too.