Top 7 Reasons DGTX Can Only Go Up From Here!

The first few months of 2019 have already made it a time to remember for investors in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin blasted through $5,000 while DGTX soared to over 12 cents. In terms of percentage gains, BTC gained 67.7% since its mid-December low, while DGTX leaped by 248.4%! That’s some spectacular climbing! And here are seven reasons DGTX can only go up from here.

1. 25 Days to Launch

With just 25 days to go until the launch of our commission-free futures exchange, anticipation is reaching fever pitch! Since DGTX is the only way that traders can access the platform, the demand for our token is rising.

Not only have we amassed a huge group of loyal supporters on Telegram, but many key figures in the industry are invested in this project as well. That includes the Bad Crypto duo who are also Digitex advisors, and ReadySetCrypto, who have designed a futures trading Master Class, especially our exchange.

2. More Than 1.2 Million on Our Waitlist

The Digitex Futures community is swelling enormously with almost 70K members in our Telegram group! One major incentive for those on the waitlist is of course free DGTX. The top 5,000 names (plus the 5,000 winners from the first contest–10K in total!) will each be airdropped 1,000 DGTX. And the top 10 names will receive 100K DGTX each just like the first time around!

With the token price steadily rising, the stakes for the competition are also getting higher! So, fight for your place among the winners, refer more friends, and let’s knock the network effect out of the park right from launch.

3. Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Digitex CEO Adam Todd will be live on stage at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit. He’ll be talking candidly with Bad Crypto about what’s we’ve been building and the impact that Digitex Futures will have on the market.

Just two weeks before launch, this is an awesome opportunity for Adam to showcase our exchange to new eyes and generate even more interest in what we’re doing! He’ll also be lending his perspective to a panel about the impact of exchanges and brokers alongside the co-founders of SeedCX, and Woorton.

4. The Digitex Treasury

The Digitex Treasury has now officially sold more than half of the 10 million DGTX tokens released on 1st March! What was originally received with some uncertainty by our community members has now proven to be a roaring success.

We’re delighted to have found a transparent and sustainable way of financing our project into the future and, by not selling all the tokens in one go, we’ve been able to take advantage of the steady increase in price since the sale began.

Always at a slight premium above the market, the launch of the Treasury directly drove up the market price. And, for investors who don’t mind paying a minimal premium, they get an instant, trustless transaction straight from us without having to go through an exchange.

5. Digitex Is Unique!

We’ve been saying this since our ICO, Digitex is unique! There is no other exchange like Digitex on the market whose interests are aligned with its traders. We don’t want to profit on your trades, we want to create more and more successful traders so that the price goes up and everybody wins.

When we launch, we’ll be the first commission-free futures exchange on the market. We’ll also be shaking things up further by adding traditional futures markets including gold, Forex, stocks, and commodities.

Working had with our Plasma developers, Matter Inc, once we can bring you non-custodial accounts with zero commissions, Digitex will be unstoppable!

6. Lightning-Fast One-Click Trading

Many existing exchanges out there have clunky and unusable interfaces that slow traders down and even ruin a trade. Because we know that time is of the essence in the futures market, we’re bringing our one-click trading ladder interface to the market.


Traders can always stay in the zone and keep their eyes on the price action without having to go through any extra keyboard strokes or mouse clicks. They can see the price going up and down and both sides of the column and simply place their trade in an instant. Once traders get used to this style of trading, they’ll wonder why they ever did it differently.

7. The Need for DGTX Pushes Up Demand

All roads lead to token appreciation at Digitex. Traders already know that the only way they can access our platform is by using DGTX and they’re naturally stocking up. They’ve also seen the potential of DGTX as an exchange token to yield a phenomenal ROI.

As long as exchanges charge commission fees, hold on to your funds, and offer limited trading pairs, and a clunky UI, it will always be a no-brainer. DGTX price will continue to rise as more and more traders flock to the platform in anticipation of the launch–and way beyond it as well.

Still not signed up for the waitlist? You’ve got time. Head on over to this page to register and start referring friends to win free DGTX until 20th April.