What is the DGTX Token?

Author: Adam Todd Date: 03 Dec 2017

The DGTX token is native cryptocurrency of the Digitex Futures Exchange.

Your account balance on the Digitex Futures Exchange is denominated in DGTX tokens and all your trading profits and losses are in DGTX tokens.
Traders must have a positive balance of DGTX tokens in their trading account to place trades on the Digitex Futures Exchange. This creates demand for DGTX from traders who are attracted to commission-free futures markets.
Digitex eliminates transaction fees on trades and covers operational, development and marketing costs by creating and selling a small number of new DGTX tokens each year.
All new token issuance events must be approved by DGTX owners through a democratic system of Decentralized Governance by Blockchain.
The demand from thousands of traders who must own DGTX tokens will easily absorb the small number of new tokens that are created to cover costs.
There will be an initial supply of one billion DGTX tokens (1,000,000,000 DGTX).
On January 15th, 700 million DGTX tokens will be sold to the public at a Digitex to USD price of USD $0.01 per token (1 DGTX = $0.01).
The DGTX token sale will stay open until February 15th or until all 700 million tokens have been sold, whichever comes first.
Any unsold DGTX tokens at the end of the token sale on February 15th will be burned to increase the value of the DGTX tokens that were bought.
When the commission-free Digitex Futures Exchange becomes popular, demand from thousands of traders who must own DGTX tokens to participate will drive the price of DGTX considerably higher than its launch price of $0.01.
Digitex is a commission-free, trustless Bitcoin futures exchange built on a secure platform with a blazing fast order matching engine with a one click ladder trading interface. It will be wildly popular in the current cryptocurrency boom, creating huge demand for DGTX tokens.