What’s Going on with Digitex Development? Hear it Straight from the Boss

Author: Digitex News Date: 22 Jan 2019

Many of you have been asking what’s going on with Digitex development, so we would like to address your concerns here. After careful consideration, we decided that for the benefit of the entire community, we should delay onboarding traders to the Beta platform as the development team is not ready at this time. We understand now that the Beta launch was mismanaged and we apologize for that.

To the 5K Beta testers waiting to access the platform, rest assured, your 1000 DGTX are waiting for you. When it comes down to it, the start date is a development-lead decision and is still some weeks away. Let’s hear what Adam has to say.

Postponing the Beta for the Benefit of All

Although our developers have decided to stall onboarding traders, this is in the best interests of the Digitex exchange. Instead of diverting necessary resources away from the all-important public launch, we’ll be able to continue development.

As Adam explains in his video, this means we can not only launch the public version ahead of schedule, but we can add more markets and spot trading as well.

The current Beta still has many key elements that need improvement, and rather than working on a production-ready exchange at this stage, our team prefers to continue furthering the development and improvement so that we can bring the public launch as scheduled.

Delivering a Solid Working Product as Soon as Possible

We understand that many of you will be disappointed hearing about the Beta onboarding delay, but we’re fully committed to delivering a solid working product as soon as possible. And for anyone with concerns about the state of the project, we want to reassure our investors and community that we are still very much in progress for launch in early Q2.

From here on in, we want to ensure that there are no more delays and that we never miss another deadline again. In an effort to deliver on this promise, we are extending our resources to the development team, so that we meet our Q2 public launch goal.

The public launch is our top priority and with extra talent on board, we can work on adding some of the additional features mentioned in our roadmap right from the start.

As an investor, we ask that you are vigilant in understanding the full scope of our project, and consider your investment for the long term. We have every intention to deliver on what we have planned for the year ahead.

Although the closed Beta has been delayed, this should not be any reason to cloud your judgment of our mission as a whole. That said, the Q1 period will be a time to further our development progress. It’s, in fact, a good time to HODL or buy more DGTX.

Demand Keeps Rising

You don’t have to take our word for it, just look at the waitlist. We’re at well over 900K+ signups and still have between 5,000-8,000 a day signing up to the list.

As Adam says, once the exchange opens to the public, even if the people who sign up are only buying 100 DGTX tokens each, we’re going to be extremely busy in no time.

Digitex will very soon be providing traders with commission-free, highly-liquid markets on a solid platform that does what it says.

Lowering the Barrier for Trading

Between now and the public launch, and while we work on the Beta, Adam is going to be busy making demo videos, how-to videos, trading videos, and doing some interviews and live streams with influencers who have big trading groups on social media networks like Facebook and YouTube.

This means that more people will discover Digitex and you’ll have the opportunity to see the exchange in its current state. We’ll also be keeping you constantly in the loop with updates and educational material. To use the words of Adam:

“There are a lot of good things ahead very soon!”

We apologize for overinflating your expectations on the Beta launch. With public launch being our number one priority, all our promises will soon be delivered.