The White Paper One Year Ago — Was Adam Right About DGTX?

We may be in a bear market, but DGTX value has held its own over the last 12 months. So now you may be wondering, where will DGTX be as we move into 2019? Well, we don’t have a crystal ball, but we can check back to our white paper price projection from a year ago and find out if we are on track. Let’s take a look.

Let’s Look Back at the White Paper

We can’t look into the future to see when DGTX price will go up, but we can check our past analyses and make a few estimates. In fact, we already made calculated projections of our own one year ago.

Just open up the Digitex Futures white paper and you’ll see that our CEO Adam Todd came extremely close to hitting the numbers laid out in his initial price projection–and that’s in the worst bear market crypto’s ever seen! Just imagine how DGTX will perform when the market conditions are favorable!

We obviously can’t say with any guarantee exactly when (or even if) the price of DGTX will go up, but our past projections based on certain hypotheses and scenarios have already held their own.

Let’s take a quick look at the price Adam calculated for DGTX value based on a figure of just 10K account holders: 9 cents.

DGTX Price Projections

DGTX Simple Law of Supply and Demand

We all know that the higher the demand for DGTX, the greater the price will climb. That’s just the simple law of supply and demand. According to the above table by Adam, taken from the white paper, you can see several different situations–and assumptions of their effect on the DGTX price.

While you can see expected outcomes with regards to whale investors and medium-term investors, the main takeaway here is that just 10K traders (of which 88 percent are small traders buying $1,500 USD worth of DGTX over two years) would lead to a DGTX price of 9 cents.

This price prediction was an oversimplified assumption that didn’t even take into account many factors, such as market sentiment in cryptocurrencies. However, today, even after a near year-long bear market (and still before the Beta launch of the first version of our platform), DGTX is already stabilizing at around 4.5-6 cents on a regular basis!

We currently have 9,449 DGTX holders, so at 10K, it looks like we’re very close to hitting the price projection of 9 cents! Moreover, let’s not forget our recording-breaking token price of over 14 cents in October!

If the public custodial version of the exchange opens with one million users as we predict and just five percent of them are active users, the DGTX price could hold strong at 43 cents as per Adam’s white paper prediction.

For quarter two of 2019, DGTX is on track to see a huge jump in value. In all honesty, quarter two is where we expect demand for DGTX to take off in earnest when the exchange opens to the public.

DGTX Value Has Held its Own in a Bear Market

DGTX value has seesawed since we hit our current all-time high in October of over 14 cents. But despite the harshest bear market imaginable and going against all market trends, DGTX came into its own. The exchange token went on its most spectacular bull run since we started operations!


A trading price of over 14 cents per token is a real achievement considering that we hadn’t even launched the Beta version of the platform yet. We’ve already seen how well DGTX can perform based on demand and interest in the project.

Seeing more than three-quarters of a million people sign up to our waitlist in just a few months and our Telegram group growing every day to become one of the busiest on the internet, we know you can’t wait to trade commission-free futures!

However, we firmly believe that the DGTX exchange token is going to see values significantly higher than this as we progress throughout 2019. Once the exchange opens its doors to the general public and demand begins to go through the roof, the token price will likely rise as well.

What About Q3 And Beyond?

If you take the white paper price projection chart from above into account, you’ll see that we’re being modest about DGTX price projections. In all reality, as we add commission-free spot markets, decentralized account balances, and additional crypto and traditional futures markets to our offering, we could have well over a million users of the Digitex exchange. The sky is literally the limit.

Have you signed up to the Digitex waitlist? If not, make sure you do so here, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Telegram group.