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by Cointelegraph
Forthcoming Seychelles-based crypto derivatives trading exchange Digitex Futures has announced it will integrate Chainlink’s (LINK) decentralized price reference contracts on its platform.
MAY 25, 2020
by Crypto Chemist
Welcome to Crypto Chemist. Digitex Futures is a zero-fee, peer-to peer BTC futures exchange with its own base currency, the DGTX token. We’re using Ethereum’s blockchain technology to build a cutting-edge BTC futures exchange with zero trading fees.
DEC 09, 2019
by Journal du Coin
La beta publique de l’exchange de futures Digitex vient d’ouvrir ses portes, le samedi 30 novembre. L’entreprise promettant une plateforme avec du trading sur marge sans frais ne lâche pas l’affaire et franchit une nouvelle étape de sa roadmap après une année 2019 laborieuse. Les premiers retours des tests fermés ont été extrêmement positifs, les traders étant particulièrement captivés par l’interface de trading verticale !
DEC 02, 2019
by AMBcrypto
After a long-awaited arrival, the Digitex Futures public beta went live on Saturday. The company that’s delivering commission-free BTC futures trading opened its doors on Nov 30 with its slick-looking testnet. Anyone can sign up without KYC since, as it’s a beta, no real funds are being used. This makes it the perfect training ground for new traders and also an opportunity to uncover and fix any bugs before the mainnet launch.
DEC 02, 2019
by Altcoin Magazine
The Digitex Futures commission-free BTC futures exchange launched its public beta on Saturday, Nov 30. The company that’s been offering zero-fee trading since its inception finally has the chance to prove what can be achieved with hard work and determination. Initial feedback from closed testing was extremely positive with traders particularly captivated by the Digitex one-click trading ladder.
DEC 01, 2019
by Crypto Briefing
Digitex Futures has launched the public beta for its platform today. Traders are now able to test the futures exchange with its promised zero-commission trading on BTC/USD perpetual swaps.
NOV 30, 2019
by Coin Rivet
After a couple of false starts, Digitex Futures is back on the radar, launching the public beta of its commission-free futures exchange tomorrow.
NOV 29, 2019
by CryptoNewsZ
The Digitex Futures public beta is almost here, and (if the reactions from the wider public are as positive as the closed testers), DGTX, the exchange’s native token, will be one to watch in the coming months.
NOV 26, 2019
by Global Rashid
In this Video we get to play around Digitex futures trading platform: do some live trading and explain everything to start trading.
NOV 25, 2019
by Bitcoin for Beginners
Digitex Futures Exchange was an interesting new model in the crypto futures exchange landscape when it first came out a while ago. Now they are super close to their public launch, they are currently in testing period. And so I wanted to share with you this update video about what they are up to and how their platform currently looks!
NOV 25, 2019
by NewsBTS
Many people in the crypto space had written off Digitex Futures. The company with ambitious plans to remove commissions from bitcoin futures trading failed to deliver on its promises twice. Yet, after some very public scraps with development teams and backlash from investors, the company is gearing up for its public testnet launch on Nov 30. Closed testing has already begun–and the feedback is said to be extremely positive.
NOV 22, 2019
by CryptoGlobe
Ahead of its upcoming public testnet launch on November 30, Digitex Futures began closed testing for its Alpha group. The first 100 or so testers are comprised of experienced traders, industry influencers, and some of the company’s most loyal supporters--and loyal, indeed, they have had to be. After a long and bumpy road to reach this point, Digitex Futures may just be one of the biggest comeback kids of crypto.
NOV 21, 2019
by bit Starz
Ahead of its upcoming public testnet launch on November 30, Digitex Futures began closed testing for its Alpha group. The first 100 or so testers are comprised of experienced traders, industry influencers, and some of the company’s most loyal supporters--and loyal, indeed, they have had to be. After a long and bumpy road to reach this point, Digitex Futures may just be one of the biggest comeback kids of crypto.
NOV 21, 2019
by Ready Set Crypto
What's Going On With The Crypto Markets? Where Are We Going Heading Into 2020?
NOV 20, 2019
by CryptoSlate
For many, it may seem like a long time in the making. But finally, the company that’s been promising commission-free bitcoin futures trading since inception is onboarding its first testers ahead of the public testnet launch on November 30.
NOV 18, 2019
by Futures Scalp
Here are some thoughts on the Digitex Futures Exchange and some of trading.
NOV 17, 2019
by CoinCollector
It happened! Digitex started onboarding first testers to its public testnet version of the zero fee futures exchange! Official Launch Date for Public Testnet is 30th November.
NOV 16, 2019
by Blocks of Freedom
The Digitex Futures Exchange closed beta test net is now live, and I've been trading on it today. Watch my live trades here and get my first reaction.
NOV 16, 2019
by Crypto Potato
The Bitcoin futures market has exploded like no one could have expected over the recent years, and it continues to grow. In the light of so much action among the margin trading of cryptocurrencies, let’s take a look at some of the key faces working to build the current and future billion-dollar BTC futures market.
NOV 16, 2019
by Be In Crypto
With a demo video released on Friday and closed testing about to begin, Digitex Futures is finally inching closer to its dream of delivering zero-fee BTC futures trading.
NOV 11, 2019
by Hacker Noon
Anyone familiar with our project, Digitex Futures, will know that it’s been a long and eventful journey to get here. But we’ve stayed the course.
NOV 11, 2019
by Blockchain.News
The Bitcoin (BTC) futures market has exploded like no one could have expected over recent years and it continues to grow. Here are the key faces working to build the billion-dollar market.
NOV 02, 2019
by Finance While
When deciding on a Bitcoin trading strategy, ask yourself how much time and money you want to commit. Remember the Digitex Futures CEO spoke about scalp trading requiring all of your focus.
OCT 31, 2019
by Amica Borsa
Parlando di Criptovalute, la cinquantesima Ivy Crypto of the Week è Digitex Futures, un exchange di futures di Criptovaluta con commissioni di transazione pari a zero.
OCT 30, 2019
by European Financial Review
For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin futures, the market is seeing a lot of traction. In fact, save a few bumps in the road, cryptocurrency derivatives are witnessing explosive growth.
OCT 22, 2019
by Finance Long
Commission-free trading is a paradise for short-term traders and scalpers. These are the people that prefer to assume less risk than swing and position traders and open and close multiple positions in a day.
OCT 17, 2019
by Finance Magnates
As the cryptocurrency markets continue to develop, how are the factors that drive price movements changing? What was once largely a playground for anarcho-capitalists has now become a thriving global industry.
OCT 16, 2019
by FinanceNews.TV
The final three months of 2019 will undoubtedly provide a lot of action and surprises before the year closes. Blockchain infrastructure is maturing and commission-free trading is likely to attract a whole new style of trader to the scene.
OCT 16, 2019
by Name Coin News
Bitcoin futures are often somewhat controversial. After all, they seem to have the effect of sending BTC price crashing each time a major new player enters the market. However, as with all things in the cryptocurrency industry, this is a marathon and not a sprint.
OCT 09, 2019
by Altcoin Magazine
Excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are currently 2,394 coins listed on Coinmarketcap. This presents some challenges. Especially when picking what coin or token to invest in. If you were to spend say, one hour, researching each one, it would take you well over a year of full-time work to get through them all.
OCT 09, 2019
by Edge Coin News
When Digitex Futures, CEO Adam Todd started his career, it was in the sensory overload of London’s crowded, noisy, and aggressively competitive trading pits. Back then, that was thAltcoinBuzze only way to trade, but even as the environment has changed, he still visualizes the markets like that to this day.
OCT 03, 2019
by CryptoNewsZ
If you’re thinking about trading cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to decide on the trading strategy you want to pursue. Digitex Futures CEO Adam Todd shares his thoughts about how to profit from scalping.
SEP 23, 2019
by Altcoin Magazine
After a number of challenges including two very public launch delays, Digitex Futures has recently announced the launch of its Testnet on 30th November. We review their journey so far and consider if the best is yet to come for this innovative crypto exchange startup.
SEP 21, 2019
by Born2Invest
Blockchain has been enticing for entrepreneurs. Digitex Futures CEO Adam Todd says there may be no one-size-fits-all starter kit to build a successful blockchain company. However, understanding the potential of the space and its simple utility is key.
SEP 12, 2019
by Ready Set Crypto
In 2019 so far we've seen several competitors come along with most of them going right after BitMEX and trying to simplify the trading experience for the retail traider which can be quite daunting on BitMEX. You have to shift the existing paradygm and this is what DigitexFutures make, because they are going to offer fero-commission trading.
MAY 01, 2019
by Cointelligence
Speaking on a live YouTube stream, Digitex Futures CEO Adam Todd outlined his plans for the future, SmartDec’s experience, and the next steps for the launch of the trading platform. He also answered questions from members of its community and promised the team was working hard to bring things back on track following the launch delay.
MAY 01, 2019
by Captain Altcoin
This week the talk of the town was all about cryptocurrency exchanges that offer margin trading. In this recap, we take a detailed look at the three stories that have the crypto industry buzzing this week and break down what it means for cryptocurrency traders.
APR 30, 2019
by The Crypto Report
Things didn’t go well for Adam Todd, CEO of Digitex Futures, the trading platform that promised to be the new Bitmex Killer. After testing the product presented to him by his team of developers, the platform was virtually unusable.
APR 28, 2019
by Micky News
The highly anticipated Digitex Futures commission-free exchange was scheduled to go live on April 30th, however, the launch has been postponed due last-minute revelations of development partner Spotware’s inability to deliver critical promised functionality.
APR 28, 2019
by Decrypt
With 1.4 million people on its waitlist, Digitex plans to launch next week. But can it topple the Bitcoin futures king?
APR 23, 2019
This is a special interview with Adam Todd - CEO of DigitexFutures. This project is impressive by numbers and results which they made even during "low bear" market. What this project is all about? What is so special in it? Check out this special video.
APR 23, 2019
by Jinse
Perhaps you have heard about the Digitex Futures project. In fact, their native token DGTX has been stable in the top 100 of the cryptocurrency. This ambitious company is trying to subvert cryptocurrency futures and spot trading, but people can't help but ask, how will they achieve this goal?
APR 06, 2019
by Crypto Briefing
The Digitex Futures Exchange is a decentralized platform for trading futures contracts on cryptocurrencies, commodities, and other assets. Digitex offers zero-fee transactions through it native DGTX token, which is used to bet against the future price of BTC against USD.
APR 02, 2019
by Finance Magnates
Digitex Futures has announced the public launch date of their zero-fee trading model across futures markets.
MAR 12, 2019
by AMBcrypto
Shooting out of nowhere to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, the Binance Coin [BNB] ICO was one of 2017’s most successful. And its exchange token is currently tearing up the charts. Now firmly nestled among the top 10 cryptos, what does this mean for DGTX and the future of exchange tokens?
MAR 08, 2019
by Yahoo Finance UK
Digitex Futures is a zero-fee, non-custodial futures exchange with its own currency, the DGTX token. It is a trading platform where traders can buy and sell futures contracts on multiple cryptocurrencies, financial instruments, and commodities. Learn more about its mechanics and features.
MAR 08, 2019
by Crypto Love
In this interview, Digitex Futures CEO Adam Todd talks about the distinctive features of new exchange.
MAR 08, 2019
by Altcoin Buzz
Justin Sun and Vitalik Buterin are at it again on Twitter. Mattie also takes a look at Ethereum ETH compared to Bitcoin BTC. He will also give you the latest from Digitex Futures, Matrix AI Network and their upcoming mainnet launch, as well as Opacity.
MAR 03, 2019
by The Merkle
The entire cryptocurrency industry is plagued by a major increase in bearish pressure today. Further down the rankings, however, it would appear the Digitex Futures price is trying to reclaim some lost ground. It has been a while since the project made some waves, after all.
MAR 02, 2019
by Bitcoin Exchange Guide
It’s now a matter of time before Digitex Futures, a fast-rising futures exchange in the Blockchain space, unleashes its zero-commission incentive. The platform is reportedly ready to introduce futures markets with a major focus on forex, ordinary commodities, indices and metals in its portfolio.
MAR 02, 2019
by Crypto Beadles
Meet Adam Todd, CEO of DGTX Digitex Futures. We discuss blockchain, crypto, his 1m person waitlist, his sale starting today, updates, info and more!
MAR 01, 2019
by CoinTelegraph
Blockchain startup Digitex Futures is ready to launch its commission-free futures exchange. The platform is planning to add tradidtional futures markets - including forex, metals, commodities and indexes - to crypto options in order to attract different groups of traders.
MAR 01, 2019
by Tech Boullion
After almost $1 billion’s worth of cryptocurrencies was stolen from exchanges in 2018, this year already looks equally challenging. Security issues in the Crypto space are a growing concern. It’s hardly surprising that regulators are reluctant to give the green light and clear that the current model cannot continue. Yet, fully decentralized exchanges can’t deliver a robust (or even passable) user experience yet. What to do?
FEB 22, 2019
by Altcoin Magazine
In this interview, Adam Todd, CEO of Digitex Futures, talks about the greatest challenges and achievements in the history of the project and shares ideas about ipcoming development of the platform.
FEB 18, 2019
by Crypto Potato
Digitex Futures, a non-custodial commission-free futures trading exchange, has begun onboarding traders to the Beta version of its platform. Marking exactly one year since the Digitex ICO, the ambitious crypto startup has taken CEO Adam Todd’s vision from an idea to reality in just 12 months.
JAN 15, 2019
by Crypto Compare
Does the crypto space need commission-free trading? Considering the evolving ecosystem of cryptos, especially in the world of trading, zero trading fees could be argued to be long overdue. The way to mass adoption isn’t about following traditional business models or acting as the new middleman. There’s more to it than that.
DEC 17, 2018
by Crush The Street
The show covers bright-looking future for cryptocurrencies and institutional money, Digitex Futures Exchange and the long-term usecases and what triggered the late 2018 sell-off.
DEC 08, 2018
by The Crypto Lark
Adam Todd tells us about Digitex, Bitcoin futures, non-custodial trading, taking down Bitmex, and much more.
DEC 04, 2018
by Bitcoinist
Bitcoinist spoke with Adam Todd, CEO of Digitex Futures, a trading platform that aims to become a commission-free, non-custodial ‘BitMEX’ for cryptocurrencies built on Ethereum.
NOV 27, 2018
by Journal Du Coin
In the midst of one of the most important cryptocurrency market corrections in a while, there is still some good news to share from time to time. Although the bear market is not a pleasure for investors who play the game in the long run, this is a period that allows the most legitimate blockchain companies to distinguish themselves by creating successful and worthy fundraising products, despite such a context.
NOV 27, 2018
by CryptoGlobe
Digitex Futures spent this year working to build the world’s first commission-free futures trading exchange with a Beta launch in the new year. And they currently have more than 500K users signed up to their Early Access Waitlist!
NOV 23, 2018
by Coinspeaker
Digitex Futures is proud to launch its Beta in the new year as they announce the recent collaboration with the core developers of Ethereum-Approved Plasma Solution Providers, Matter Inc.
NOV 21, 2018
by Bad Crypto
Don’t let the downturn in the crypto markets fool you. Blockchain technology is no respecter of prices. Brilliant and entrepreneurial people and businesses around the world are moving the crypto world forward. And we are fortunate to speak with these movers and shakers on a regular basis.
NOV 17, 2018
by Crypto Zombie
The Digitex Futures Exchange is a trading platform where traders can buy and sell futures contracts on various cryptocurrencies, commodities and financial instruments. Traders win and lose DGTX tokens. Traders must have a balance of DGTX to place trades which creates demand for DGTX. There are zero transaction fees on all trades.
NOV 13, 2018
by Global Coin Report
Lately, many investors noticed an aspiring coin by the name of Digitex Futures (DGTX). The coin is young, and rather unique since it is the currency used on Adam Todd’s first ever commission-free futures exchange. Due to its important purpose in this exchange, investors have started making inquiries about Digitex price prediction.
NOV 05, 2018
by Yahoo Finance
We talk about innovative Blockchain application with the CEO, Adam Todd of Digitex Exchange which promises commission-free trading. Since commission fees are set arbitrarily by most exchanges, including the big ones, we wanted to delve deeper into how this project promises what others had thought to be unsustainable.
NOV 05, 2018
by Coin Rivet
Digitex Futures has confirmed plans to launch the 'first-ever commission-free' Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum futures exchange in December.
NOV 01, 2018
by Bitcoin for Beginners
Digitex Futures is a commission-free futures exchange that should come out in December of 2018. It is going to be a direct competitor to BitMex because it will offer BTC, LTC, and ETH futures. However it has many differences/benefits based on its approach of using token inflation to cover costs instead of commission fees.
OCT 27, 2018
by NullTX
Thanks to the US bumbling their way through cryptocurrency regulation, they're sending a lot of innovative companies--and money--offshore. But is there a silver lining?
OCT 23, 2018
by Keith Wareing
It's not all doom and gloom in the bear market, some people hedged to a massive advantage and made millions, even billions in this type of market.
OCT 22, 2018
by CryptoSlate
Next month on November 1-2, the Malta Blockchain Summit will take place. What’s so interesting about that? Quite a lot, actually. Beyond keynote speeches from some of the most respected names in the industry, including John McAfee and Hartej Sawhney, Sophia the Robot will be making an appearance, and Digitex Futures be unveiling the first-ever live demo of their platform.
OCT 17, 2018
by Hacked
Digitex Futures (DGTX) started popping up in the market cap top one-hundred in the last few weeks, although any surge was usually met with a corresponding rebound back to the second page of CoinMarketCap. Now it's solidifying its place in the top hundred crypto projects, propelled by 194% growth over the last two weeks.
OCT 12, 2018
by Sunny Decree
As Bitmex experience leaves traders frustrated, more start looking for alternatives. One is Digitex Futures Exchange and here's what we've learned about it:
OCT 07, 2018
by Entrepeneur
While token holders and diehard “HODLers” are getting fed up of watching their investments dwindle, the speculators among them are looking for new ways to make ROI. That’s where futures trading comes in.
OCT 07, 2018
by Money Guru
In this video you will hear Adam Todd view about digitex futures exchange and what are the future partnerships that can be there with digitex . So make sure you watch this video till end to know more about Digitex Futures Exchange.
OCT 06, 2018
by Hackernoon
The single most important feature of any trading exchange is liquidity. Without liquidity, operating a successful exchange becomes unviable. This is particularly true of cryptocurrency exchanges with volatile markets whose traders want to cash out (liquidate) their positions quickly.
OCT 05, 2018
by Global Coin Report
With Q4 already upon us, 2018 is drawing to a close. Some would say that the bear market, regulatory clampdown, and nosedive in industry size would make this a year to forget. But the reality is that a lot of work gets done during bear markets. HODLers and traders may bemoan the tanking price of ETH and XLM. But there are plenty of blockchain companies working hard to launch their platforms for the coming year.
SEP 29, 2018
by NewsBTC
This week NewsBTC spoke to Adam Todd the founder and CEO of Digitex Futures Exchange.
SEP 28, 2018
by Bitcoinist
To understand why Digitex Futures could be the game changer for the crypto exchange market, let’s compare it to the best known BTC derivatives trading platform currently, BitMEX. What’s coming in Q4 2018 may surprise you.
SEP 26, 2018
by Cryptodaily
When you’ve been in the industry long enough, you get pretty tired of hearing about projects being referred to as “game-changers.” But, at the same time, you also get better at identifying when one really is. So, without wishing to fatigue you further with the g-word, Digitex Futures is about to turn crypto trading upside down.
SEP 21, 2018
by Crypto Potato
One of the most important core tools a trader needs to be successful is an effective exchange to trade on. Recently, another entity threw its “hat” into the cryptocurrency exchange ring. Digitex was an ICO which ran from January 15 – February 15, 2018, and touted itself as “a commission-free futures exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the DGTX token”.
AUG 28, 2018