Yield Farm DGTX on Uniswap
Digitex Pool Rewards allow you to earn DGTX rewards in return for adding liquidity on the Uniswap decentralized exchange.
Buy DGTX from Digitex Treasury or Kucoin
Visit Uniswap to create the DGTX/ETH pool token
Connect your metamask wallet, and deposit your pool token into the DGTX Rewards wallet
Watch your DGTX Pool Rewards accumulate with one of the highest ROIs in the industry
For more information, watch this step-by-step explainer video on how to create your Uniswap pool tokens, connect your metamask wallet, and then deposit your pool tokens into our DGTX rewards program to earn daily rewards for providing liquidity on the Uniswap exchange.
What are DGTX tokens?

DGTX is the cryptocurrency that underpins the value of the DUSD stablecoin, and therefore, Digitex City itself. Each DUSD is collateralized by a greater value of DGTX, ensuring that holders can always redeem DUSD for at least $1 worth of DGTX tokens. DGTX is traded openly on the cryptocurrency markets, meaning that its value is subject to the laws of supply and demand in a similar way to Bitcoin.

What’s the purpose of the Digitex Pool Rewards?

The Digitex Pool Rewards incentivizes people to contribute a continuous stream of liquidity to traders wanting to buy and sell DGTX on decentralized exchanges. The prospect of receiving pool rewards also encourages more people to buy and hold DGTX tokens, driving demand while also constraining supply. These market forces help to drive the value of DGTX.

How does Digitex fund pool rewards?

Digitex City has a dedicated fund for paying out pool rewards.

How are the rewards calculated?

The Digitex Rewards Program has a total of 5 million DGTX set aside to be paid out to stakers over the course of one month. Each day, stakers will receive a proportional number of DGTX token rewards for their Uniswap pool tokens deposited. Therefore, the more DGTX you lock up on the Uniswap exchange, the higher the proportion of the reward you’ll receive.

Where are the rewards paid?

You can collect your DGTX rewards only after you withdraw your pool tokens from the Digitex staking wallet. Pool rewards are paid in DGTX directly to your Digitex wallet.

What if I want to withdraw my DGTX from Uniswap?

You can withdraw your staked DGTX from the Uniswap pool at any time. First you need to withdraw your Uniswap pool tokens from the Digitex Rewards Program, and then deposit them into Uniswap to claim back your DGTX and ETH tokens.

What if I want to withdraw my DGTX from the DEX pool?

You can withdraw your staked DGTX from the DEX pool at any time. You should check the withdrawal terms of the DEX where you’ve staked your DGTX.