Commission-Free Bitcoin Futures Trading

Meet the Digitex​ ​Team

Adam Todd

Founder & CEO

Ex pit-trader on the London International Financial Futures & Options Exchange (LIFFE). Founder of BetTrader, a popular ladder trading interface that's been online for 14 years that connects to the world's biggest betting exchange, Adam was one of Betfair's most successful sports traders ever, once going 8 months of full time daily trading without a losing day.
The futures trader’s Utopian dream of a commission-free exchange is now a reality.

Lee Mayne

Head of Operations

Lee has experience in helping small-to-medium businesses meet their technology & online needs. His skills run the gamut from UX to hosting expertise. He has been involved with trading applications and exchanges for both the sports-trading and iGaming industry for the last 10 years, having lived in Malta, Dublin and the London area. A skilled people-person, Lee also brings out the best in organisations and people.

Martin Deering

Head of Information Technology

Martin has worked in the publishing, web-development, and localisation industries for over 20 years, creating bespoke publishing and database solutions. He holds degrees in German and Psychology, and is happiest when getting computers to do all the work for him.

Lidia Yadlos

Head of Marketing

Lidia has been working as a Digital Marketing professional for the past 8 years. She has a B.S. in Business Marketing from Kean University. Her expertise ranges in content development, social media management, PR, media buying, website design, brand direction and advertising campaigns. She has spent the past few years in NYC working as a marketing consultant for clients ranging in verticals such as tech-startups, fashion and event production.

Dmitrij Szewcow

Communications Manager

With over 7 years of experience in sales and customer service working in a variety of companies in the UK, including telecoms and real estate, Dmitrij widely polished his skills as a communications manager before joining Digitex. He has also been a part-time trader on Betfair and a keen Cryptocurrency investor since 2016. Dmitrij can also read people’s minds, having been a professional poker player for 6 years.

Sona Gill

Communications Manager

With a degree in Accounting and Finance, Sona has been personally investing in the crypto world since early 2016. He has gained a strong understanding of blockchain technologies and its potential. His valuable customer support skills from working in a variety of industries have been a huge asset to the Digitex team. He is well known as one of the "voices" of Digitex, educating our community on our project and offering support around the clock.

Digitex​ ​Software Development

For security reasons we are letting the software development team maintain their privacy until after the software product has been released. Already we have acquired 5 highly skilled individuals with in excess of 130 years experience in areas such as C/C++, Java, Javascript, Django, Python, Web Development etc. Our professionals don't work on the cutting edge—they define it. Our reputation for excellence and delivery is a direct reflection of our people. We aim to carve a position in the forefront of the crypto exchange market, and it is our continuing goal to gain the trust of our token holders. Our Motto is to serve the purpose of our exchange with perfection.

You can see the Digitex Software offices in this video.


Mickael Salabi

Tokenpot Capital

Founder and General Partner of Tokenpot Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund that produced quadruple digit returns in 2017. Formerly Director of Technology at Razorfish, Mickael was an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, contributing to projects since 2012.

Smart Contract & Platform Contracts

SmartDec — Smart Contract Developers

With the arrival of Smart Contracts, Application Security has become more important than ever before. SmartDec are leaders in this field.
For more information visit:
SmartDec clients include Geneis Vision & Gladius (more).

See our smart contracts:

Digitex Auction Contract for 15th Feb 2018:

 * @title Dutch auction of DGTX tokens. Sale of 100 000 000 DGTX.
 * @author SmartDec
contract Auction is Ownable, usingOraclize, ERC223ReceivingContract {
    address public token;
    address public beneficiary;

    uint public constant TOTAL_TOKENS = 100000000 * uint(10) ** 18; // 100 000 000 DGTX
    uint public constant DOLLAR_DECIMALS_MULTIPLIER = 100;
    uint public constant TOKEN_DECIMALS_MULTIPLIER = uint(10) ** 18;
    uint public constant START_PRICE_IN_CENTS = 25; 
    uint public constant MIN_PRICE_IN_CENTS = 1; 
    uint public constant TRANSACTION_MIN_IN_ETH = 0.01 ether; 
    uint public constant START_ETH_TO_CENTS = 83800;