The Daily
Trading Battle
100 Winners Every day for 100 Days —
6,000,000 DGTX Prize Pool
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The Digitex Trading
Battle Is Here —
Are You Ready?
Welcome to our 6 million high-stakes trading competition leading up to our mainnet launch set for 2020. This is your chance to hone your skills as a trader, become part of a wider community of skilled scalpers on a rapid-fire trading ladder and -of course - to win DGTX prizes daily!
100 Winners Every Day — 60,000 DGTX Daily Prize Pool
There will be 100 winners every day for 100 days. It’s simple to enter. Just log in to the competition interface and trade for one hour. Traders with the highest final score (PnL x trading volume = final score) at the end of their one-hour session will win. Traders are free to enter multiple sessions in one day, and your best result will be your entry for that day.
Prize Distribution
Prizes will be distributed as follows every single day:
1st place:
6000 DGTX
2nd place:
4000 DGTX
3rd place:
3000 DGTX
4th place:
2000 DGTX
5th to 10th place:
1000 DGTX
11th to 100th place:
100 DGTX
The DGTX Coin
for A-Game Traders
In addition to DGTX prizes, each day’s 1st place winner will also get one of our solid silver and diamond limited-edition DGTX collector’s coins. We want to reward blue-ribbon winners with a prize so special it cannot be bought - but earned. Limited to one per person.
The Rules
of the Game
There’s no limit to the number of times you can enter the battle. Our system will record your most profitable one-hour trading session for the day and list the top 100 highest ranked profits in the 24-hour period leading up to midnight every day. Claim your DGTX winnings by providing us with a valid wallet address and sharing your success on social media.
Earn More DGTX
by Referring a Friend
You’ll be given a special referral link to share on your social channels to refer your friends. If any of them make the top 100, you’ll win the same amount of DGTX as them! For example, if you refer your friend and he enters the trading battle and he wins 3,000 DGTX by coming in 3rd place, that means you will also earn 3,000 DGTX for having referred him. And for as long as he keeps entering and winning, you will keep earning the same amount as he wins. This means you can earn actively by trading and passively through your referrals.
Preparing Our
Traders to Win
The Digitex Trading Battle is a series of ongoing battles preparing our traders to win in time for the mainnet launch. We aim to grow our numbers, popularize scalping, and create a highly liquid BTC futures market out of the gate.
Terms & Conditions
Since we’re paying real DGTX, sorry, no US citizens or citizens from other restricted countries are allowed to take part. You can keep trading on the beta but are not eligible for payment in DGTX. See our full Terms & Conditions here.