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10,000,000 DGTX Tokens in Total

Buy DGTX tokens directly from the Digitex Treasury in an instant, trustless transaction with no commissions and no price slippage.

Smart Contract Driven Token Sale

Token Sale(s) 2019 — 2021

100 million DGTX tokens (10% of the total supply of DGTX) are locked up in the Digitex Treasury smart contract. Starting on March 1st 2019, the Digitex Treasury smart contract will release 10 million DGTX tokens every 3 months and sell them in an ongoing public token sale.

The price is determined by us and can be adjusted at any time. To protect buyers, all price changes take effect after a 15 minute delay. KYC will be implemented on everyone who wishes to take part and the token sales will not be open to US residents.

To purchase DGTX tokens you send Ether (ETH) from your Ethereum wallet to our token sale smart contract address. Upon receiving your payment the smart contract calculates how many DGTX tokens you get and automatically sends them back to the same Ethereum wallet address. Your transaction is instant and trustless. Don’t send Ether from a cryptocurrency exchange wallet that does not accept DGTX or your tokens will be lost.

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