The Digitex Waitlist

What is the Digitex Waitlist?

The Digitex waitlist demonstrates the massive demand for commission-free trading. It is currently closed and has over 1.6 million traders signed up waiting for the exchange to launch. As well as participating in a waitlist competition winning free DGTX by referring friends, those who have signed up can receive the latest updates and news about the project.

How did we accumulate such a massive number of people so quickly? Well, commission-free trading is a massive pull in itself. Add to that additional futures markets other than Bitcoin, non-custodial account balances, and an intuitive one-click ladder trading interface that allows traders to stay in the zone, and we have a winning combination!

We also applied a hefty dose of viral marketing and leveraged the power of the Digitex community to ensure that the message got out. We used a referral system to incentivize people to spread the word about Digitex and get more and more to sign up.

Those who referred the most battled out for 10 top prizes of 100,000 DGTX each. On top of that, the top 10,000 names have been confirmed and will each be airdropped 1000 DGTX upon launch of the exchange.

We know that our unique value propositions already sell themselves, but with skilled referral marketing, we were able to exceed even our own expectations.

Contest Ends at Mainnet Launch 2020

Currently, the Digitex Futures exchange is in Beta, which officially went live on 30 November 2019. During this time, the exchange isn't utilizing real DGTX tokens, rather testnet tokens to allow the development team to properly test the platform, and prepare it for the Mainnet launch set for 2020. The third waitlist campaign will officially end at Mainnet launch. Please stay tuned for the mainnet launch date announcement!

All you need to do is join the waitlist and start sharing your unique link. The more people you refer, the higher up the list you go. This time around, however, we’ve split it into five localized campaigns. So you can choose the one that suits you best according to your language and region.

Join the South Korean / Japanese / Chinese / Russian / or English Digitex Waitlists and start sharing your unique referral link.

The top 10 names on each list will each win 50,000 DGTX each. And the top 500 names on the waitlist will get 1,000 DGTX each airdropped into their accounts and ready to trade once the exchange testnet goes live.

All winners will be announced upon completion of the waitlist.

*Users that have been added to the mainnet prior to the public opening of the exchange will receive their 1000 DGTX upon onboarding.