Digitex Futures Launch Waitlist FAQ

The Digitex Futures launch waitlist is now closed, thank-you to everyone who took part!

Winners were announced on Twitter, and everyone who was in the top 5,000 received an email in May 2019.

Below we answer the common questions we are asked

What are/were the waitlist(s)

Digitex Futures allowed users to join a waitlist to gain access to our up-coming Futures Platform. Each user also could share their personal link to friends and family, and gain the ability to climb further up the waitlist, allowing them faster access to our Futures Exchange at launch.

We ran two waitlists, each to allow 5000 users access to the up-coming exchange, and to give away 1000 DGTX tokens to each person in the top 5000 positions (and 100,000 DGTX tokens to those in the top ten).

Each person who is awarded 1000 DGTX tokens MUST use them on the up-coming Digitex Futures Platform. The Air-drop will be to the user’s Digitex Account.

What is Waitlist One (August 2018 — December 2018) ?

The first waitlist was called the Beta Access Waitlist and ran from August 2018 — December 2018.

This waitlist was closed in December 2018.

Each user who was successful in gaining a top 5000 place has been sent a confirmation email (in January 2019) and the top ten winners have received their tokens.

If you did not receive an email you have not been awarded a place in the first 5000.

Each person who is awarded 1000 DGTX tokens MUST use them on the up-coming Digitex Futures Platform. The Air-drop will be to the user’s Digitex Account.

What is Waitlist Two (January 2019 — April 2019) ?

The second waitlist allowed a further 5000 people access to the Digitex platform, this waitlist was closed between the 20th and 21st of April 2019.

Winners were announced on Twitter and emailed.

Each person who is awarded 1000 DGTX tokens MUST use them on the up-coming Digitex Futures Platform. The Air-drop will be to the user’s Digitex Account.

What Is Waitlist Three (September 2019 - November 2019)?

The third and final waitlist takes on a different twist. With a set date for the public testnet on 30 November, we’re once again giving people the chance to win free DGTX. In the same vein as the last two campaigns, it’s all about spreading the word about Digitex to as many traders as possible.

All you need to do is join the waitlist and start sharing your unique link. The more people you refer, the higher up the list you go. This time around, however, we’ve split it into five localized campaigns. So you can choose the one that suits you best according to your language and region.

Join the South Korean / Japanese / Chinese / Russian / or English Digitex Waitlists and start sharing your unique referral link.

The top 10 names on each list will each win 50,000 DGTX each. And the top 500 names on the waitlist will get 1,000 DGTX each airdropped into their accounts and ready to trade once the exchange testnet goes live.

All winners will be announced upon completion of the waitlist. 

What Is the Digitex Affiliate Program?

To incentivize as many people as possible to join the Digitex Futures revolution, we’ve also launched our very first affiliate program! The affiliate program is designed to drive token sales to the Digitex Treasury. 

Simply use the same unique link that you receive when you sign up to our waitlist. If any of the friends that you refer to the waitlist buy DGTX tokens from the Digitex Treasury, we’ll give you 15% of their purchase. And if any of your friends then refer their friends to buy DGTX from the Digitex Treasury, we’ll give you 5% of those sales too.

It’s really easy to track your sales and get paid. Simply create an account on our affiliate portal using the same email that you signed up to the waitlist and you’ll be able to track your sales. We payout your rewards in ETH on a daily basis.

How To Refer Friends and Earn ETH

  1. Join the Digitex Waitlist using your email
  2. Share your unique link with your friends
  3. Create an account on our affiliate portal to track your sales and get paid

The Affiliate Program will run until the completion of the Digitex Tresasury ongoing token sale until the end of 2021.

If I finish in the top 5000 when the promotion ends, when will I receive my tokens?

When the promotion ends, all entries will be validated. Note that although the current score you see includes all your signups, only the referrals who have verified their email addresses will be counted towards your end score. If you finish in the top 10, a representative from Digitex Futures will contact you at the end of the promotion to arrange sending your tokens directly to your personal ETH wallet. You may be asked to provide further information.

If you finish in positions 11 – 5000, 1000 DGTX tokens will be deposited into your account on the Digitex Futures Exchange. Once the exchange launches, you will be able to log in and see your account balance with your prize tokens. To withdraw your 1000 free DGTX (and any profits), you must first buy and sell (round-turn) a fixed number of future contracts. This will be explained in your welcome email. Please note, you will not be able to simply log in and withdraw your tokens immediately.

When does the promotion end?

The first Waitlist promotion ended December 31st 2018.

The second Waitlist promotion ended April 20th 2019.

Why do I no longer appear on the list?

The most likely answer is that others have more referrals than you do. Otherwise you may have been removed from the competition for violating our terms and conditions.

The referral software automatically bans suspicious referral behaviour. This includes multiple referrals from the same IP address, as well as having too many referrals to whom emails bounce (i.e. fake email addresses). Additionally, Digitex staff are using a number of techniques to remove entires based on email pattern matching, known fraudulent traffic sources, and other industry best practices.

When do I get access to the Digitex Futures Platform?

Users from Waitlist One will gain access first. We will send emails for access to each user individually. These users will be on-boarded over a few days.

Users from Waitlist Two will gain access second. We will send emails for access to each user individually. These users will be on-boarded over a few days.

All other users will be allowed to come to the platform and register shortly after all waitlist users have gained access.


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