Learn how to trade profitably
with Craig Cobb

Craig has been trading for 15-years in markets including FX, Stocks, Bonds and Commodities. He has left all of that behind to focus exclusively on cryptocurrency trading which he has been doing for the last 3-years full-time.

Receive a complete trading strategy with a literal checklist to follow, as well as your own trading business plan because trading isn’t all about charts, it’s a business and Craig knows this one well.

In these webinars you will learn:

learnbox tickCryptocurrency Lingo and Essentials

learnbox tickMastering Price Action

learnbox tickCandles, Moving Averages and Indicators

learnbox tickHow To Set Targets

learnbox tickPositive Trader Mindset

learnbox tickTrading Charts Setup

learnbox tickIntroduction, Rules-based Trading and Common Mistakes

learnbox tickPrice Action When Trading

learnbox tickCandles

learnbox tickCrypto Cradle Strategy

learnbox tickHow To Manage Risk

learnbox tickTrailing Your Stop Loss Based Off The Trend

learnbox tickKey Mindset Management To Reduce Emotion

learnbox tickManagement Of Your Trading Business

learnbox tickUnderstanding Risk and Money Management when Trading

learnbox tickHow To Continue To Grow As A Trader